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3 Must-See Waterfalls Near Bristol & Hartford in Connecticut

Nature is a powerful antidepressant. And for those living near Hartford, CT, it’s always only a short hike away. If you’re looking for the ultimate day trip to a relaxing destination, check out the local waterfalls. You might be surprised at how many there are and how accessible they remain. We’ve listed a few of the grandest attractions. They’re all local, and they’re all perfect examples of the majesty of Mother Nature.

1. Chapman Falls

Chapman Falls is in East Haddam. Not surprisingly, it’s a mainstay of Devil’s Hopyard State Park. Featuring a stunning 60-foot drop, Chapman Falls is fed by the Eightmile River. Legend has it that the Devil, himself, once visited this wild place and became enraged when his tail got wet. In defiance, he hopped up the falls, scarring the boulders with his hooves as he went. Nevertheless, this area makes for some fine fishing when the brook trout are running. It’s also home to over 139 species of birds, including the great blue heron and the belted kingfisher. Chapman Falls is surrounded by 860 acres of protected lands that are just right for picnicking, camping, and hiking.

2. Enders Falls

Enders Falls, in Granby, is also near Hartford. It’s a popular attraction in this area of Connecticut. Located in Enders State Forest, this waterfall is fed by Enders Brook. It’s actually a combination of 5 different waterfalls. Each offers its own swimming area. The biggest drop is 30 feet, offered by the second falls. The remaining falls plunge 18, 15, and 12 feet, respectively. This whole area is prime for swimming, fishing, hiking, and picnicking. It’s dog-friendly, so you can bring your four-legged family members. It’s also highly photogenic, with its assortment of hemlock trees, thick mosses, and natural seating areas made of flat stone.

3. Blackledge Falls

Our final destination, Blackledge Falls, is near Bristol. It’s fed by the Blackledge River in the town of Glastonbury. When the river is running high, this scenic attraction features three distinct waterfalls that plunge distances of between 22 and 25 feet. If you visit, choose a time when there’s been plenty of rain. Otherwise, you may be disappointed by the dwindling falls. The good news is that this area is dog-friendly and is impressive to see in early spring. The best time to go is between the months of March and May, when rainfall has been significant.

If you live near Bristol or near Hartford, these local scenic hotspots make perfect romantic getaways. They’re also great destinations for families with children, thanks to the calming presence of nature and the opportunities to swim, fish, and hike. Families looking to relocate to the Hartford area are welcome to explore Northwoods Apartments, in Middletown. Our luxurious one, two, and three bedroom apartments offer amenities to please every family member, including easy access to local area waterfalls. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your customized tour.

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