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The Best of a Pet-Friendly Lifestyle at Northwoods

In Middletown, CT, Northwoods Apartments provides luxury living for our pet residents and their human friends. Here are some apartment pet care tips to keep four-legged residents happy. 


Some breeds thrive better in apartments than others. All species need to exercise several times a day. It will allow them to let out energy in constructive ways. If you’re out for a good part of the day, hire a dog walker to take the dog out during the day.

Place a rug or mat in an area to create a haven for your dog. Put a few toys and food, and water bowls near the area. Or, if your dog is crate trained, make it as comfortable as possible.

Finally, make training a priority. You’ll want to avoid loud barking at everyday noises, for example. Good behavior is also something we need when using the community spaces.


Cats’ behavioral problems can often be traced back to boredom. To ensure your cat is well behaved, you’ll want to find ways to make apartment living fun. Cats enjoy seeing the world from a high vantage point, and finding ways to create an elevated space is essential. A cat tower, shelves, or the top of your refrigerator are good examples. Also, consider making the window sills cat-friendly. If the ledge is too narrow, connect a small shelf. Put blankets or towels in the window to keep him warm.

Scratching keeps a cat’s nails healthy and lets him mark his territory. To avoid the cat scratching at furniture and carpet, get them something safe to scratch on in every room. Also, have plenty of cat toys and a private place they can go when not feeling sociable.

Northwoods luxury apartments have two dog parks for our residents to spend quality time with their furry loved ones. There’s nothing like showing your dog’s tricks to the neighbors and their pets. If you are looking to do something more casual, our open spaces feature trails for both of you to get some exercise & fresh air.

Highly rated veterinarians, pet hospitals, and pet spas surround our prime location in Connecticut. Keeping your animal companions healthy and looking their best is a short drive away!

A Pet-Friendly Home

Northwoods Apartments provide luxury features and amenities in a welcoming environment. Check availability today to find your pet-friendly sanctuary.

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