Stay cool this summer

Summer’s Here! Tips for Keeping Cool in Your Apartment

With social distancing on for the summer months, you can’t leave your home to escape the heat as easily as before. Chilling at the mall and movie theater is likely out, unfortunately, so, you need new tactics to rely on to stay cool and comfortable at your Middletown, CT, apartments this season. We understand the struggle, so we put together our top tips you can use to avoid the summertime heat. 

Stock Up on Ice 

Ice trays, ice packs, bottles of ice water — stock up on any and all types of ice you can dream up. With enough ice on hand, you can chill all your drinks or just put an ice pack on your neck to quickly cool down. Don’t forget to get a variety of ice tray shapes and sizes, including the ones designed to slip into narrow water bottle openings. You can use those ones to create ice water in a spray bottle, then spritz it on yourself as temperatures rise.

Skip the Stove

Any time you can skip the stove during hot weather, make sure to do so. Even when just turning on a single burner, temperatures inside start to rise to uncomfortable levels. And forget turning on the oven, as that will leave you feeling as cooked through as your dinner. Instead, set up the grill and barbecue your heart out. Or just use ingenious countertop cooking devices, like slow cookers, air fryers, and the trusty microwave. 

Block Out Sunlight

When sunlight starts to blare through your curtains, the air inside your apartment can get quite stuffy and hot. So, make sure to pull back your shades before the sun’s rays hit your windows each day. If your window coverings do not block enough of the sun, you can set up a standalone privacy screen to get the job done. 

Hit the pool

There’s really nothing like a cold beer and a dip to cool you off in the summer. Lucky for our residents, we’ve just reopened our outdoor pool & grill amenities, so grab your swimsuit and utensils and get your poolside fun on! Because we need to ensure social distancing during this time, we set up an app for you to create an appointment and reserve your grill and spot in advance. Just go to Amenity Boss to make your booking! 

We hope these tips help you make it through summertime with optimal comfort and minimal expense. You just have to stay committed to keeping temperatures down as you go about your day. Of course, living in an ideal location helps, too, like in the upscale apartments at Northwoods Apartments. To find out more about our community, give our team a call at 860-635-3449. We have many tour options available that abide by social distancing rules to keep everyone safe while looking for their perfect apartment homes in Middletown, Connecticut.