Hobbies To Explore In Middletown, CT

Situated near the Connecticut River, Middletown is a popular place to live. It has lots of parks and shops for varying activities. The new year is excellent for taking up a new hobby; here are some ideas to put you on track. 

Northwoods Apartments are only 10 minutes from Downtown Middletown, where you can find a shopping mall and Middletown’s hobby shop.

Discover the Outdoors

Wadsworth Falls State Park is a beautiful area for nature lovers, filled with waterfalls, streams, forests, and meadows. The park has multiple trails for hiking and a sandy beach to swim in the summer. Get some exercise while admiring the breathtaking views Middletown has to offer. 

Tree Top Adventures 

If you’re looking to energize your body and mind, Empower Leadership Sports and Adventure Center has hundreds of meters of ziplines in the south of Middletown. You can also enjoy a popular scavenger hunt using a map and compass as well as moonlight ziplining tours. 

Tap Into Your Creative Side

Perhaps you’re more creative around nature. The Buttonwood Tree is Connecticut’s top performing arts center, offering everything from live concerts to open mic nights, poetry readings, yoga, and even watercolor classes.

Learn About the Universe

Dive into astronomy at the Van Vleck Observatory. Located at Wesleyan University, this observatory is open to the public. It has four different telescopes, a historical archive, and observation nights for the visitors.Residents of Northwoods Apartments have many opportunities to enjoy their hobbies within a short drive. Regardless of whether you’re in the mood to learn something new or take a scenic hike, Middletown, CT, has plenty to offer

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