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Book a Northwoods Clubhouse for Your 4th of July Pool Party BBQ

Celebrate the fourth at Middletown, CT’s luxurious Northwoods apartments by reserving one of our clubhouses. We’ve got everything you need for a patriotic pool party this Independence Day, including private pools, BBQ areas, and sundeck lounges. Read on for tips on how to throw your best bash. 

Decor: Fly the Flags

Decorating for a 4th of July pool party and BBQ is easy: all you need is red, white, and blue. Buy or make your own colorful table cloths, streamers, cups, coasters, plates, balloons, and banners. 

Everything usable can be part of the decor, including innertubes, pool toys, and swimsuits.  Welcome your friends and family with the colors of the American flag used creatively and festively around the pool, sundeck, and clubhouse lounges.

Food: Fire Up the Grills

Be Middletown, CT’s best chef this fourth making your own menu. For all your meats, variety is the spice of life at Northwoods this summer: fruity salsas (mango, papaya, or corn), various homemade relishes (try orange-jalapeno), sweet chutneys, or spicy Sriracha-inspired sauces can complement your grilled items. 

Various marinades—like sweet southern Bourbon, Texas-style and Jamaican jerk—can also enliven this American tradition. 

Drink: Festive & Fruity

It’s going to be hot this summer, so keep your party guests hydrated with strawberry or raspberry lemonade and ice-cold water-based drinks. Add festive blueberries and a bright straw to make the patriotic colors pop.

And remember, there’s a cocktail called “The July 4th”: add, in order, pomegranate juice, blue curacao, and vodka. Don’t mix because the separate layers make for a flag-like presentation.

Games: Fun for Kids & Adults

Water guns, sparklers, confetti pops, and party crackers can help you ring the summer. And water volleyball, basketball, or Marco Polo are easy games the whole family can enjoy. Those less interested in the pool can enjoy rounds of US trivia to celebrate independence.  

Remember to have lots of plush seating for relaxing. Consider hiring a lifeguard and supplying float toys for kids and lots of extra sunscreen for everyone.
For Independence Day in Middletown, CT, there’s nothing quite like Northwoods Apartments. Featuring walking trails, covered parking, and a Resident’s Lounge with a pool table, you can’t beat these fun BBQ and pool party activities with Northwoods’ luxurious on-site amenities.

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